The ‘La Serena’ reservoir is the most recently created of all those we frequent for fishing, Its dam is built on the Zujar river making it the largest body of water in Spain. In its waters, we can find the biggest Pike in the area, which leaves the fishing of Black Bass as secondary.
As far as fishing is concerned, this reservoir, built on the Guadiana river, is the most complete and notable. Among the local fishermen, it is known as the reservoir of a million Pike due to the amount of these fish you can catch in one day. It also does not disappoint when talking about Black Bass fishing.
Also called ‘Puerto Peña’, this reservoir is on the Guadiana river and is considered a Black Bass fishing hotspot. The reservoir also provides a good amount of Pike catches throughout the year.
As its name suggests, it is built on the Zujar river, below the ‘La Serena’ Dam. It is the smallest of the four reservoirs in which we fish and is most famous for Black Bass fishing though Pike is also a common catch.

Species of Fish

This is an American species that was introduced into the Peninsula in 1955 and currently lives in all our reservoirs. In winter, they retreat to deeper waters and become almost inactive. When the pre-spawning season gets closer, they come out of ‘hibernation’ and begin to approach the shore. Because of this, the best season for fishing in our reservoirs is from May to November and the biggest catches can weigh in at 3kg. We always use artificial bait.

This is an exotic species introduced to the Peninsula in the lat 1940s. Currently they live in all of our reservoirs. They have a sedentary and greedy nature and so we can fish for them throughout the whole year although winter is when it is most popular. The heaviest catches can weigh up to 12 or 13 kg though we have heard that heavier fish have been caught. We always use artificial bait.